Veterans Memorial Park Project


We are working to identify all those who served our country during a time of war or conflict.  Please review the lists below and contact Sue at with any additions or comments.  I can also be reached by phone at 585-624-7822.

We are planning to install interpretative signage in the Rush Veterans Memorial Park this spring.  The criteria for being included in the lists is that the veteran must have been born in Rush, drafted/enlisted from Rush, or lived in Rush before or after serving.  A grant has been obtained from Monroe County for the World War I sign as part of a program recognizing the 100th anniversary of the US involvement in World War I.

The Stevens-Connor American Legion post has very generously agreed to sponsor the cost of the additional signs.  Thank you to the Stevens-Connors Post!

List of Veterans: Please note that some of the shorter lists have been included in the same document with veterans from another war.

American Revolution
War of 1812 Veterans.docx
Civil War Veterans 6-12-2018
Spanish-American and Lebanon Grenada.docx
World War I- 3-4-2018
World War II War Veterans 6-12-2018
Korean Conflict Veterans – 7-10-2018.docx
Vietnam War
Panama and Persian Gulf War Veterans 6-12-2018
Veterans who served during non-war time 7-10-2018.docx