Veterans Memorial Park Project


We are working to identify all those who served our country during a time of war or conflict.  Please review the list below and contact Sue at with any additions or comments.  I can also be reached by phone at 585-624-7822.

We are planning to install interpretative signage in the Rush Veterans Memorial Park and are working on identifying those who served during a time of war or conflict.  The criteria is that the veteran must have been born in Rush, drafted/enlisted from Rush, or lived in Rush before or after serving.  A grant has been obtained from Monroe County for the World War I sign as part of a program recognizing the 100th anniversary of the US involvement in World War I.

The Stevens-Connor American Legion post has very generously agreed to sponsor the cost of the additional signs.  Thank you to the Stevens-Connors Post!

List of Veterans: Please note that some of the shorter lists have been included in the same document with veterans from another war.

American Revolution
War of 1812 Veterans.docx
Civil War Veterans
Spanish-American and Lebanon Grenada.docx
World War I
World War II
Korean Conflict Veterans
Vietnam War
Panama and Persian Gulf War Veterans
Veterans who served during times of non-conflict