James A. Hard Presentation: Last Civil War Union Combat Veteran

November 18, 7 pm, Udicious Pavilion in Rush, NY

James A. Hard was a Rochester icon back in the 1940’s and early 50’s.  He was the nation’s last combat survivor of the War Between the States.  Ever sharp until his death, he served as Grand Marshall of many Rochester Memorial Day parades.  He was always available for interviews witht he newspapers and students ofthe Civil War and he left a remarkable legacy when he died in 1953.

Born in Victor on July 15, 1841, he died at the reported age of 111 on March 12, 1953 in Rochester and is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Please join us in the Udicious Pavilion on Wednesday, November 18th, at 7 pm, to learn more about the legacy of the last Union combat veteran, James A. Hard.

This program will be presented by David Crumb, Parma-Hilton Historian.  Mr. Crumb has reseached Hard’s life and times and has developed a program telling of the subject’s interesting story.

James A. Hard, Last Surviving Union Combat Veteran

James A. Hard, 1841-1953