Bicentennial Plans and Meeting Dates

All meetings take place in the Board Room at the Rush Town Hall.

Meetings are usually the second Monday of the month.  The next meeting is January 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

The Town of Rush will be celebrating its Bicentennial in 2018.  Plans are underway for celebrating this significant anniversary.  Stay tuned for additional details as plans develop.

Rush Bicentennial Update:

The Bicentennial Committee continues to meet on a monthly basis and plans are taking shape. Committee members include: Pam Ebersold, Cathy Frank, Linda Henry, Rita McCarthy, Sue Mee, Chris Miller, Andy Morse, Dave and Sandra Sluberski, Sue Swanton, Maureen Neumaier and Kevin Yost. Phil Daggar and Jean Stephens are generously also assisting with specific projects. Planned events include:


The Rush Bicentennial Committee is hoping to offer a tour [1st floors only] of distinctive Rush homes, barns and other built structures as a part of our Bicentennial celebration. Two members of the committee have completed a windshield survey of the town, looking for a range of the oldest homes, especially cobblestone, to mid-century modern [circa 1950’s] homes. Architect designed homes as well as classic and Wells style barns are sought. Goal is to showcase the diversity and richness of Rush architecture. We are particularly seeking buildings where the inside is authentic to the date of the outside structure. Plans are currently for a weekend tour in early June 2018, the town’s Bicentennial year. If you think your home, barn or other structure is of interest, contact Linda Henry at 359-1545, Susan Swanton at 226-3734 home, 455-4450 cell or or Susan Mee, Town Historian at 624-7822, 747-9370 (cell) or .

* Bicentennial Book: The book will include photos of houses/buildings in the above tour and also a history of the organizations that are part of our town. Letters have been sent to Rush organizations requesting their organization’s history and photos. If you are aware of an organization that did not receive a letter, please let me know. We want to be an inclusive as possible and are striving for full participation. It is hoped that the book will be a self-supporting project and we are seeking advertisements. If you are interested in having an ad included in the Rush Bicentennial book, please contact Sue Mee or Sue Swanton (contact info above) or access the Bicentennial link at: . Jean Stephens has kindly volunteered to take on the critical task of designing and laying out the book. Thank you, Jean!

* Phil Daggar has generously given his time to designing a Bicentennial logo that we will use to promote events and on written materials and banners. We are also working with the USPO to use our Bicentennial logo for a Rush postmark during a specific timeframe.

* Discussion is underway to invite author Paula Whitacre to speak on her upcoming book about Julia Wilbur. The book is entitled: A Civil Life in an Uncivil Time: Julia Wilbur’s Struggle for Purpose. Julia was a Quaker and an abolitionist who lived in Rush with her

family before she moved to Washington, DC in 1862 to assist the Rochester Ladies Anti-Slavery Society as a relief worker and then moved to Alexandria, VA to help newly freed slaves. After the Civil War, she lived in Washington and worked at the Freedmen’s Bureau and then the Patent Office. Julia was a dedicated diarist and her diaries are part of the collection at Haverford Collection and have served as an important resource for Ms. Whitacre in researching Julia’s life.

* Early Settlers – a short play about the arrival of our early settlers to our town.

* Re-enactment of 1st Town Board Meeting – March 13, 2018

* Bicentennial Gala at WildWood is planned for October 7th. Period clothing is optional but welcome. Mark your calendar and start thinking about your outfit!

* 2017 Kick-Off Events:  Bonnet Sewing  (October 15, 2017,  12 – 5 pm,  Udicious Pavilion)  and Tree Lighting and Christmas Caroling – (Saturday, December 9, 2017, 7 pm). These two events will kick off our Bicentennial year of activities.